Anthropology IB extended Essay

Anthropology IB Extended Essay Topics

Stepping into the International Baccalaureate curriculum is no small feat, especially when writing your extended essay in the DP Anthropology course. As an IB tutor, I’ve seen how a well-chosen topic can set the stage for a student’s success. In this article, I’ll share insights into choosing interesting and achievable Anthropology extended essay topics that resonate with the core of the IB curriculum.

Areas for Research in Anthropology Extended Essay

Before discussing specific topics, let’s examine some prominent areas students prefer to research thoroughly for IB Anthropology extended essays.

Cultural Anthropology

Cultural anthropology offers a window into diverse rituals and social norms. A suggested topic could be examining the role of marriage customs in shaping societal structures across different cultures. This topic provides rich content and is deeply embedded in anthropological research traditions.

Linguistic Anthropology

Furthermore, linguistic anthropology is a fascinating area that researches how language affects cultural identity. An interesting angle might be the impact of colonial languages on indigenous communities. This topic allows students to analyze linguistic shifts and their implications for cultural preservation and identity.

Biological Anthropology

In biological anthropology, students research human evolution and its implications. A topic on genetic diseases prevalent in specific populations could reveal insights into human adaptation and survival strategies over millennia.

Archaeological Anthropology

Lastly, archaeological anthropology tells us about human history through material remains. Students could investigate ancient farming techniques and their influence on modern agricultural practices. This topic ties together historical data and contemporary applications, making it informative and relevant.

Anthropology IB extended Essay Topics

Anthropology Extended Essay Topics and Research Questions

Choosing a topic that you are genuinely interested in makes a significant difference. For example, if you’re fascinated by how cultures evolve, consider researching how modern technology affects traditional ceremonies. This deep connection will inspire you to develop the ideal IB research question. Remember this when choosing the perfect option from the following topics:

  1. The Impact of Globalization on Indigenous Cultures. How has globalization affected the cultural practices of the indigenous communities in the Amazon?
  2. Language and Identity in Diaspora Communities. How do language practices within the Haitian diaspora in Miami help maintain their cultural identity?
  3. Gender Roles in Traditional Societies. How do gender roles in Maasai culture influence community decision-making processes?
  4. Rituals and Their Societal Functions. What role do death rituals play in contemporary Japanese society?
  5. Economic Anthropology: Barter vs. Currency. How have barter systems sustained alongside national currencies in remote parts of Papua New Guinea?
  6. Medical Anthropology: Traditional Healing and Western Medicine. How is traditional healing practiced alongside Western medicine in rural India, and how does this impact health outcomes?
  7. Urbanization and Its Effects on Traditional Practices. How has urbanization impacted traditional marriage practices in Northern Nigeria?
  8. Anthropology of Food: Culinary Practices as Cultural Identity. How do culinary practices reflect the cultural identity of the Creole population in Louisiana?
  9. Clothing and Culture: The Evolution of Traditional Attire. How has the traditional attire of the Sami people evolved in the last century, and what does this tell us about their cultural shifts?
  10. Religion and Social Change. How have changes in religious practices influenced social structures in Tibet over the last 50 years?
  11. Technology’s Impact on Cultural Practices. In what ways has the introduction of social media changed the traditional coming-of-age ceremonies among the Masai?
  12. Migration and Cultural Change. How have migration patterns affected the cultural practices of Filipinos living in California?
  13. Cultural Conservation Among Indigenous Peoples. What strategies have been most effective in preserving the language and cultural practices of the Navajo people in the United States?
  14. Social Hierarchies and Their Cultural Foundations. How do social hierarchies within the caste system in Nepal influence educational attainment?
  15. Mythology and Modern Identity. How do ancient myths shape the national identity of modern Greeks?
  16. The Role of Art in Cultural Expression and Preservation. How does contemporary art serve as a means of cultural expression and preservation among Aboriginal Australians?
  17. Kinship Systems and Their Influence on Community Structures. How do kinship systems shape the social structures in Polynesian societies?
  18. The Impact of Tourism on Local Traditions. How has tourism affected traditional crafts and rituals in Bali?
  19. Post-Colonial Identity in Former Colonies. How have post-colonial identities evolved in the Caribbean, particularly in Jamaica?
  20. The Influence of Climate Change on Indigenous Ways of Life. How is climate change affecting the traditional nomadic lifestyle of the Mongolian tribes?
  21. Sports and Cultural Identity. How do traditional sports reinforce cultural identity among indigenous populations in New Zealand?
  22. Anthropology of Space: Human Interaction with Urban and Rural Spaces. How do rural-to-urban migration patterns alter familial bonds and community interactions in rural China?
  23. The Effect of Political Changes on Tribal Societies. How have recent political changes in Myanmar affected the social structure of the Karen people?
  24. Language Preservation in Minority Groups. What strategies effectively preserve the Welsh language among young people in Wales?
  25. Cultural Impacts of Colonial Educational Systems. How have colonial educational systems impacted cultural identity in Nigeria?
  26. Intersections of Race and Class in Urban Settings. How do race and class intersect to shape community dynamics in São Paulo’s favelas?
  27. Festivals as a Means of Cultural Preservation and Community Building. How do festivals serve as tools for cultural preservation and community building among the Sikh diaspora in Canada?
  28. The Role of Elders in the Transmission of Cultural Knowledge. What role do elders play in transmitting cultural knowledge in Native American communities today?
  29. Impact of Digital Media on Language Use in Teenage Populations. How has digital media influenced language use and slang development among teenagers in the United States?
  30. Health Practices and Cultural Beliefs. How do cultural beliefs influence traditional Chinese medicine’s health practices and patient care?
  31. Cross-Cultural Marriages and Their Impact on Cultural Integration. How do cross-cultural marriages affect cultural integration in multicultural societies like Canada?
  32. The Role of Women in Indigenous Political Systems. How have women influenced political decision-making in indigenous societies of the Amazon?
  33. Digital Ethnography: Social Media’s Role in Modern Cultural Shifts. How is social media shaping modern cultural shifts among Japanese youth?
  34. The Anthropology of Disaster: Cultural Responses to Natural Disasters. How do cultural beliefs influence responses to natural disasters in the Philippines?
  35. Cultural Perspectives on Aging and Elder Care. How do cultural perspectives on aging influence elder care practices in Mediterranean countries?
  36. The Effects of War on Cultural Heritage. What are the long-term effects of the Syrian civil war on the cultural heritage of its people?
  37. Youth Culture and Rebellion: Anthropological Perspectives. How does youth culture promote social change and rebellion in urban Brazil?
  38. Cultural Impacts of Economic Development. How has rapid economic development impacted traditional family structures in South Korea?
  39. Anthropological Study of Virtual Communities. How do virtual communities compare to physical communities regarding cultural practices and social norms?
  40. Traditions of Storytelling and Oral Histories. How have storytelling traditions affected the preservation of history in Native American cultures?
  41. Cultural Adaptations to Technological Innovations. How have traditional craft communities in India adapted to technological innovations in textile manufacturing?
  42. The Anthropology of Sleep: Cultural Interpretations and Practices. How do different cultures interpret and practice the concept of sleep?
  43. Cultural Rites of Passage in Contemporary Societies. How are traditional rites of passage being adapted in contemporary urban societies?
  44. The Impact of International Trade on Local Cultures. What impact has international trade had on Morocco’s artisanal crafts and local cultures?
  45. Language Revival Movements in Minority Communities. How successful have language revival movements been among the Basque people in Spain?
  46. Global Migration Patterns and Cultural Transformation. How have global migration patterns transformed cultural identities within urban communities in Europe?
  47. Ecological Anthropology: Human Interaction with Endangered Ecosystems. How do indigenous communities interact with and impact endangered ecosystems in the Amazon Rainforest?
  48. The Influence of Religious Beliefs on Healthcare Decisions. How do religious beliefs influence healthcare decisions among the Amish community in the United States?
  49. Cultural Significance of Animal Symbolism. What is the cultural significance of animal symbolism in Egyptian mythology?
  50. Impact of Pop Culture on Traditional Music Forms. How has pop culture influenced traditional music forms in Sub-Saharan Africa?
  51. Preservation of Indigenous Languages in the Digital Age. What role does digital media play in preserving indigenous languages in Australia?
  52. Anthropology of Markets: Cultural Dynamics in Local Marketplaces. How do cultural dynamics in local marketplaces reflect broader societal changes in Vietnam?
  53. Childhood in Different Cultures: Rites, Rituals, and Education. How do rites, rituals, and childhood education vary across Southeast Asian cultures?
  54. Cultural Implications of Climate Change Mitigation Strategies. How do climate change mitigation strategies affect traditional livelihoods in Pacific Island communities?
  55. Social Impacts of Renewable Energy Projects on Indigenous Lands. What are the social impacts of renewable energy projects on indigenous lands in North America?
  56. Ethnobotany: Plant Use in Traditional Healing Practices. How are plants used in traditional healing practices among the Maya of Belize?
  57. Fashion and Identity Among Youth Subcultures. How does fashion serve as an identity marker among youth subcultures in London?

When writing your extended essay on anthropology, make sure that you present all of your findings clearly and that your arguments are well-developed. Use various resources, from academic journals to interviews and online databases, to obtain thorough and reliable information.

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Your path through the Anthropology extended essay writing is a perfect opportunity to deepen your understanding of human cultures and history. Take on this challenge with passion, and let your curiosity guide your research. I assure you, the insights you’ll gain will be well worth the effort. Also, our best IB writers are always ready to help you with an Anthropology extended essay.

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