tok essay prompt 1

November 2024 TOK Essay Prompt 1 – IB Criteria Writing Guideline

When tackling the TOK essay for the November 2024 prompt, “Does our responsibility to acquire knowledge vary according to the area of knowledge? Discuss with reference to history and one other area of knowledge,” it is crucial to align your essay with the IB criteria. This post will guide you through key considerations to ensure your essay responds effectively to the prompt and meets the stringent standards set by the IB.

extended essay topics

Using Extended Essay Topics That Are Already on the Internet. Is It Good?

Considering the pros and cons of using Extended Essay topics from the Internet is crucial for IB students facing the daunting task of topic selection. While the Internet offers a vast array of ideas and resources that can jump-start the research process and inspire creativity, it also poses risks such as lack of originality and potential academic integrity issues.

Philosophy EE

Philosophy Extended Essay Topics for IB

Philosophy challenges students to investigate and articulate complex ideas, often leading to more questions than answers. This article offers a diverse range of topics, from ethics and aesthetics to philosophy of mind and political philosophy, providing a starting point for students to develop their own arguments and perspectives.

Anthropology IB extended Essay

Anthropology IB Extended Essay Topics

Choosing a topic for your Anthropology IB extended essay is an exciting step that opens a window into diverse cultures, traditions, and societal changes. Whether you’re captivated by the cultural ramifications of global migrations, intrigued by the relationship between language and identity, or curious about the impacts of modern technology on traditional practices, there’s a wealth of possibilities awaiting your research.

Topics for Music Extended Essay

Topics for Music Extended Essay

Choosing a topic for your Music Extended Essay is a crucial step in your path through the IB Music course. This essay offers you the opportunity to focus in depth on a particular area of music that fascinates you, combining your passion for music with academic research to produce a comprehensive and insightful analysis. Whether you are drawn to the historical development of musical genres, the influence of cultural dynamics on music production, or the technical aspects of sound engineering, choosing the right topic is crucial to your success.

Theatre Studies Extended Essay Topics

IB Theatre Studies Extended Essay Topics

In this article, we examine various topics related to theater, from the influence of digital technology on modern performances to the investigation of political issues through drama. Whether you’re interested in the cross-cultural impact of global theatrical practices or the evolution of set design through technological advances, this guide provides comprehensive insights to help you carve out a niche for your research.

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