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IB Extended Essay Topics: Global Politics

Choosing a topic for your Global Politics extended essay can initially seem daunting. But fear not, for I am here to guide you through this process easily and confidently. Having written extended essays and guided countless students through their papers, I’ve gathered insights I’m eager to share with you. I will also give you Global Politics extended essay topics to consider.

The Basics of Global Politics in the IB DP

Based on my considerable experience, I can confirm that IB DP Global Politics broadens your view on the complex networks of international relations and considerably improves your analytical skills. It’s a field that challenges you to critically examine the processes of power, conflict, and collaboration on a global scale. It also serves as an ideal framework for an informative extended essay, providing a strong platform for debating complicated international dilemmas. Moreover, you can gain valuable skills within this course:

  • You’ll gain insights into pressing global concerns such as environmental sustainability, human rights, global health, and economic development.
  • Analyzing the causes and consequences of global events will sharpen your ability to think critically. You learn to evaluate sources for their reliability and bias.
  • The course prepares you to undertake comprehensive research, teaching you how to gather, analyze, and synthesize information from various international sources.
  • By examining issues from multiple viewpoints, you’ll appreciate the complexity of global politics. This global perspective is vital for writing an extended essay.
  • The course introduces you to political theories and concepts, providing you with the theoretical underpinnings necessary to construct sophisticated arguments.

The IB DP Global Politics subject is suited for students who want to learn about the complexities of international relations, political science, and how political actions affect global concerns. It is appropriate for people who want to improve their analytical abilities, participate in critical conversations about global events, and investigate the complexities of power, governance, and policymaking on a worldwide scale.

extended essay topics global politics

How to Choose a Topic for Global Politics Extended Essay?

Choosing a topic for your Global Politics extended essay can feel like standing at the crossroads of infinite paths. Let’s work together to take this critical step and ensure your extended essay starts on solid ground.

1. Understand Your Interests

Take a moment to reflect on what aspects of global politics genuinely intrigue you. Is the diplomatic tension between nations, the fight for human rights, or the global environmental crisis catching your interest? Your passion for a subject can be a guiding light, making the research process more engaging and the writing more compelling.

2. Research Current Global Issues

Stay informed about the world around you. Reading international news, engaging with documentaries, and following global trends can inspire many essay ideas. A topic that addresses a current issue demonstrates your awareness of the world and contributes to a timely and relevant discussion.

3. Scope and Feasibility

As tempting as it may be to tackle a broad or ambitious topic, remember the importance of scope and feasibility. A well-defined topic allows for deeper step-by-step research process analysis and a more structured argument. Ensure enough resources are available and you can cover the topic within the word limit.

4. Originality and Perspective

While many Global Politics issues have been extensively discussed, approaching a topic from a unique angle or focusing on a less-researched area can make your essay stand out. Consider how you can bring a fresh perspective to your chosen issue, whether through a comparative analysis, focusing on a specific case study, or examining the implications of recent developments.

5. Align With IB Criteria

Choosing a topic that aligns with these criteria ensures that your essay satisfies your intellectual curiosity and meets the expectations for a high-quality IB extended essay. Consider how your topic will allow you to demonstrate critical thinking, engage with relevant theories and concepts, and conduct in-depth analysis.

6. Reflect on Global Significance

Finally, consider the global significance of your topic. The best extended essays in Global Politics are those that not only address specific issues but also connect them to broader international trends and theories. Reflect on how your topic contributes to understanding global politics and its impact on the international community.

IB Global Politics Extended Essay Topics

I want to share some intriguing topic ideas and IB research questions to inspire your investigation, writing, and analysis.

  1. The Role of Social Media in Arab Spring Revolutions. How did social media platforms influence political mobilization during the Arab Spring?
  2. Climate Change and International Cooperation. To what extent have international agreements been effective in mitigating the impacts of climate change?
  3. The Global Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Human Rights. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected human rights protections globally, particularly in authoritarian regimes?
  4. The Politics of Nuclear Non-Proliferation. What are the challenges to nuclear non-proliferation in the 21st century?
  5. Gender Equality in Global Politics. How do different cultures influence the implementation of international gender equality norms?
  6. The Rise of Populism and Its Impact on Global Democracy. How has the rise of populism in the 21st century impacted democratic institutions worldwide?
  7. China’s Belt and Road Initiative: A New Form of Imperialism? Can China’s Belt and Road Initiative be considered a form of modern imperialism, and what are its implications for global politics?
  8. The Influence of Diaspora on Homeland Politics. How do diaspora communities influence political and social changes in their homeland?
  9. Cyber Warfare and International Security. How has cyber warfare transformed international security and conflict in the digital age?
  10. The Role of the United Nations in Resolving Modern Conflicts. What is the effectiveness of the United Nations in mediating conflicts in the 21st century?
  11. Economic Sanctions as a Tool of Foreign Policy. Are economic sanctions an effective tool for achieving foreign policy objectives?
  12. The Impact of Globalization on Sovereignty. How has globalization challenged the sovereignty of nation-states?
  13. Youth Political Participation Across Cultures. What factors influence youth political participation in different cultural contexts?
  14. Resource Scarcity and Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa. To what extent is resource scarcity a root cause of conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa?
  15. The Ethics of Drone Warfare. What are the ethical implications of drone warfare for civilian populations in conflict zones?
  16. The Impact of Refugee Flows on European Politics. How have recent refugee flows influenced political dynamics and policies in the European Union?
  17. The Effectiveness of International Aid in Promoting Development. To what extent has international aid effectively promoted sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa?
  18. The Political Consequences of Climate Change on Small Island Developing States. What are climate change’s political and social implications for Small Island Developing States (SIDS)?
  19. The Role of Women in Peacebuilding Processes. How have women contributed to peacebuilding processes in post-conflict societies?
  20. The Influence of International Organizations on Global Health Initiatives. What role do international organizations play in shaping global health policies and initiatives?
  21. The Geopolitics of Water Scarcity in the Middle East. How does water scarcity affect geopolitical tensions and cooperation in the Middle East?
  22. The Impact of Digital Surveillance on Privacy and Human Rights. What are the implications of state-sponsored digital surveillance for privacy and human rights in the digital era?
  23. Digital Activism and its Impact on Political Change in Authoritarian Regimes. How has digital activism contributed to political change in authoritarian regimes, and what challenges does it face in these contexts?
  24. Youth Activism and Climate Change. How has youth activism influenced policy and public awareness of climate change globally?
  25. The Role of Indigenous Peoples in Global Environmental Governance. What role do indigenous peoples play in global environmental governance and conservation efforts?
  26. The Influence of Economic Globalization on Labor Rights. How has economic globalization affected labor rights and standards worldwide?
  27. The Political Effects of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. What were the long-term political effects of the Global Financial Crisis 2008?
  28. The Rise of Digital Diplomacy in International Relations. How has digital diplomacy transformed the way states engage in international relations?
  29. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Global Security. What are the potential implications of artificial intelligence on global security and warfare?
  30. Transnational Crime and Global Governance. How does transnational crime challenge traditional notions of global governance and international law?
  31. The Role of Social Movements in Shaping Climate Change Policy. How have social movements influenced the development and implementation of climate change policy at the national or international level?
  32. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Peacekeeping Missions in Africa. To what extent have United Nations peacekeeping missions achieved their objectives in African conflict zones?
  33. The Political Impact of Pandemics on Global Governance. How have recent pandemics reshaped the landscape of global governance and international cooperation?
  34. The Role of Non-State Actors in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime. What is the influence of non-state actors, such as NGOs and private companies, on enforcing and developing the nuclear non-proliferation regime?
  35. The Influence of Global Trade Wars on Emerging Economies. How have recent global trade wars impacted the economies and politics of emerging market countries?

These ideas provide a gateway to debates in global politics, offering a ground for analysis, critique, and research.

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Choosing a topic for an extended essay on Global Politics provides a unique opportunity to research themes that interest you. With a suitable theme, a good research base, and a clear format, you’ll be well on your way to creating an excellent paper. Remember, this is your opportunity to contribute to the worldwide discourse about urgent political problems. So take a breath and enjoy the experience! Also, remember that you can always contact our IB writers and place an order if you need help with an extended essay. ✍️📚

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