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Using Extended Essay Topics That Are Already on the Internet. Is It Good?

In my long career as an IB tutor, I’ve seen countless students struggle with the initial and often daunting task of choosing a topic for their extended essay. This crucial part of the IB Diploma Programme sets the tone for your research experience. As we begin this discussion, let’s consider whether using Extended Essay topics found online is viable. In my opinion, understanding the pros and cons is essential to making a decision.

Why Do Students Turn to the Internet for Extended Essay Topics?

Indeed, the Internet is a repository of information and inspiration. In my experience, students often turn to digital resources to spark their creativity or to find an easy way to approach a topic. This practice seems appealing because it promises a quick start and a clear direction, saving valuable time in the often hectic IB schedule. In addition, there are several specific reasons why the Internet is becoming a go-to source for extended essay topics:

  • Vast choices. The web offers an endless array of generic essay topics across various subjects, providing students with a broader selection than what might be available in school libraries or textbooks.
  • Access to scholarly material. Online databases and academic journals offer students the latest research and studies, which can be invaluable in formulating a robust extended essay topic and hypothesis.
  • Peer and expert insights. Websites, forums, and discussion groups allow students to see what topics others are researching and receive feedback on their ideas from peers and experts worldwide.
  • Inspiration from archived essays. Many educational websites provide examples of past extended essays. These samples inspire students and demonstrate what makes a successful essay, helping them to shape their approach.
  • Ease of use. Students access resources and information with just a few clicks, unlike traditional methods involving time-consuming trips to the library or sorting through physical archives.
  • Multimedia resources. The Internet allows students to research topics through videos, podcasts, and other multimedia sources, which is beneficial for visual learners or those studying subjects with dynamic content.

With these digital advantages, students can efficiently identify a topic that meets the requirements of the extended essay and sparks their academic research. However, using these resources as a springboard for deeper investigation and personal engagement with the chosen topic is critical, ensuring that the final essay reflects the student’s insights and analytical skills.

Advantages of Using Extended Essay Topics from the Internet

The digital world offers unique advantages that significantly benefit the research process. In my opinion, when used wisely, the Internet is an indispensable tool in the IB student’s arsenal. Let me share some of the distinct advantages of sourcing extended essay topics online, each consistent with the IB DP curriculum and best practices.

A Broad Spectrum of Ideas

From my experience, one of the most significant advantages is the sheer breadth of topics available online. Unlike the more limited resources at a school library, the Internet presents a global library at your fingertips. This diversity enables students to investigate niches uniquely suited to their interests and academic goals, potentially leading to more engaging and passionate research.

Using extended essay topics that are already on the internet. Is it good?

Immediate Access to Current Research

According to general IB criteria, an extended essay should reflect current discussions and advancements within the chosen discipline. The Internet provides immediate access to the latest research, studies, and academic papers, crucial for developing a relevant and timely thesis. This real-time access ensures that students can include the most up-to-date information in their essays, which can enhance the credibility and scholarly value of their work.

Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Approaches

The Internet allows for more accessible investigation of interdisciplinary topics that may not be readily apparent through traditional research methods. In my opinion, this is particularly beneficial for students who wish to innovate or combine perspectives from different fields. Such an approach leads to more comprehensive and insightful essays that stand out in the assessment process.

Guidance and Precedents

The Internet has forums, academic websites, and databases where past extended essays are archived. For students, reviewing these exemplars can clarify structuring and developing their arguments, as I know from guiding many through this process. These resources offer practical examples of successful essays, which can serve as excellent guides for formatting, tone, and the level of analysis expected in a top-tier extended essay.

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The Pitfalls of Picking Pre-Existing Extended Essay Topics

While the Internet is a wellspring of resources and ideas for extended essay topics, there are certain pitfalls to be aware of when choosing a theme that has been extensively covered. Firstly, there’s the risk of unintentional plagiarism. In my experience, when students choose widely discussed topics, they often find themselves subconsciously influenced by the claims and counterclaims they have read. This approach leads to essays that may fail to pass the rigorous plagiarism checks of the IB despite any intentions of originality. According to general IB criteria, it’s crucial to ensure that your work is distinctly your own.

Moreover, essays from overly familiar topics often struggle to stand out in the evaluators’ eyes. Consider these issues:

  • Lack of originality. Common topics might lead to repetitive essays that fail to bring new insights or perspectives.
  • Difficulty in distinguishing your work. Standing out in a sea of similar topics can be challenging, potentially affecting your essay’s overall impact and memorability.
  • Reduced engagement. I have observed that students are less engaged when they do not feel a strong personal connection to their topic, which can negatively affect the depth and vigor of their research.

Additionally, there is often a misconception that a pre-existing topic will simplify the overall research process. These topics can sometimes limit creative thinking and problem-solving skills because the pathway seems too well-trodden. As I know from guiding numerous students, the IB program highly values these skills, and demonstrating them can significantly influence your final grade.

From my experience, the best approach is to start with a broad area of interest and then narrow it down to a unique aspect you will research deeply. This method ensures compliance with IB’s academic standards and enhances personal engagement with your study.

How to Make an Internet Extended Essay Topic Your Own?

Choosing an extended essay topic from the Internet provides a starting point, but making that topic truly yours is essential to creating an engaging and original piece. Here, I’ll share some strategies for personalizing an online topic to ensure that it reflects your unique perspective and meets the rigorous demands of the IB.

Inject Personal Interest

In my opinion, the most successful Extended Essays are those where the student’s passion is evident. Begin by identifying aspects of the topic that genuinely intrigue you. Perhaps you find a particular angle or issue within the broader topic compelling. By focusing on these elements, you can inject personal interest and enthusiasm into your research, making the writing process more enjoyable and engaging for your readers.

Narrow Down the Focus

According to general IB criteria, a well-defined and focused research question is crucial. From my experience, taking a broad topic from the Internet and narrowing it down to something more specific significantly improves the originality of your essay. This focused approach allows you to research in-depth and often leads to more detailed and substantive analysis.

Integrate Local or Contemporary Elements

To further personalize your topic, consider integrating local or contemporary elements. For example, if your chosen topic deals with an aspect of economics, you might examine how local economic policies influence the issue. Adding a current dimension or local relevance personalizes your essay and makes it more relevant and interesting to evaluators looking for essays that contribute to ongoing conversations within the discipline.

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Employ a Unique Methodology

Another effective way to make an Internet topic your own is by employing a unique methodology. From my experience, this involves using different research methods or analytical frameworks that have not been commonly applied to your chosen topic. Whether it’s conducting original experiments, using new statistical analysis techniques, or applying theoretical models from other disciplines, innovative methodologies can significantly distinguish your essay.

Add New Data or Perspectives

Finally, adding new data or perspectives can transform a generic Internet topic into an original piece of research. It might involve conducting surveys, interviews, or field research that provides fresh data or insights into the topic. As I know from my years in the IB program, essays that contribute new knowledge or perspectives are highly valued and often receive higher marks.


While using extended essay topics from the Internet can provide a starting point, transforming these ideas into in-depth and personalized research is where the real work lies. Remember, the Extended Essay is an opportunity to showcase your skills and interests. So choose wisely, be innovative, and most importantly, enjoy the research. Also, consider turning to our IB writers if you need help with an extended essay.

I invite all IB students to share their thoughts or experiences regarding their choice of Extended Essay topics. Have you successfully adapted an online topic or chosen to start from scratch? Let’s discuss and learn from each other in the comments below!

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