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What is Theory of Knowledge in IB?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is a required interdisciplinary course for students pursuing the IB Diploma. It aims to help students reflect on the nature of knowledge across different disciplines, and encourage them to think critically and creatively about the ways in which we acquire, evaluate, and use knowledge.

Theory of knowledge questions

At its core, TOK is concerned with two main questions:

Two main IB TOK questions
What do we know?
How do we know?

Theory of knowledge guide

As most all of the IB assignments, IB TOK essay has its specific requirements. And each students has to use TOK key concepts and follow this exact IB criteria.

TOK Ways of Knowledge

These questions are explored through the study of eight different ways of knowing (WOKs), which include: 

IB Theory of Knowledge WOKs

Students are encouraged to consider the strengths and limitations of each WOK and how they interact with one another in the pursuit of knowledge.

TOK Areas of Knowledge

TOK also includes the study of four areas of knowledge (AOKs), which are:

Natural sciences
Human sciences
Religious knowledge systems
Indigenous knowledge systems

Students are expected to consider the specific methods and approaches used in each AOK and how they contribute to our understanding of the world while writing a TOK essay on a desired title.

Other requirements of TOK

In addition to class time, students are also required to complete a presentation (TOK exhibition) and write a 1,600-word TOK essay as part of their TOK assessment. These assessments provide students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and understanding of TOK to real-world issues and situations.

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Overall, theory of knowledge is an important and integral part of the IB Diploma program, as it helps students develop critical thinking skills and encourages them to think about the world in a more nuanced and complex way.

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  3. Good explanation of Natural Sciences AOK. Excellent job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

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