words to avoid in an essay

Words to Avoid in an Essay. List With Explanations

As an experienced writer, especially in the challenging field of International Baccalaureate, I’ve come to realize that certain words and phrases can unintentionally weaken an essay. Whether you are writing a narrative, descriptive, expository, or persuasive essay, your choice of words can have a profound effect on its effectiveness and clarity. In this article, I will provide a list of words to watch out for, along with explanations of why they might hinder your writing.

essay claim

What Is a Claim in an Essay?

When we talk about essay writing, especially in an IB context, understanding the essence of a claim is crucial for crafting a compelling argument. In the sphere of academic writing, a claim does much more than just state a fact; it acts as the core of your essay, much like a thesis statement.

can you ask a question in an essay

Can You Ask Questions in an Essay?

Incorporating questions into essays is a skill that, when mastered, adds a dynamic and engaging element to your writing. From my perspective, questions are more than just a stylistic device; they are a powerful tool to provoke thought, engage readers, and guide the narrative. An essay with well-placed questions challenges readers to think actively, making the reading experience interactive.

steps in conducting research

What Are the Steps in Conducting Research? Detailed Guide

Research, often visualized as academics deeply engaged with books and students actively involved in experiments, plays a critical role in the academic world, particularly within the IB curriculum. With my extensive background as an IB researcher, I have repeatedly experienced the intricacies of this process. In this guide, my goal is to shed light on the essential steps of research, providing guidance to students as they undertake their own scholarly projects.

ib research question

What Is Research Question in IB?

In the dynamic and intellectually challenging world of the International Baccalaureate (IB), a well-formulated research question is much more than a mere query; it’s a beacon that guides the entire research. From my extensive experience in IB, I can affirm that understanding what a research question in IB entails is crucial for any student embarking on this academic path.

tok essay interactions

What Are TOK Essay Interactions?

When you immerse yourself in the world of Theory of Knowledge (TOK), you’ll quickly come across the term “TOK essay interactions”. But what exactly does that mean? In my experience, understanding these interactions is crucial to writing an outstanding TOK essay.

TOK Thinkers on Indigenous Societies

Key TOK Thinkers on Indigenous Societies

When we talk about the key thinkers in the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) who touch upon indigenous societies, we look at a constellation of brilliant minds. These individuals have explored the breadth and depth of indigenous knowledge systems and highlighted their significance in a globalized educational context.

key tok thinkers on technology

Key TOK Thinkers on Technology

In the ever-expanding field of the Theory of Knowledge (TOK), we examine the symbiosis between technology and the pursuit of knowledge through the lens of influential thinkers. These individuals, ranging from the prescient foresights of Marshall McLuhan to the profound observations of Sherry Turkle, have contributed significantly to our understanding of this dynamic relationship.

key tok thinkers on politics

Key TOK Thinkers on Politics

In the intricate study of the Theory of Knowledge (TOK), many thinkers stand out for their incisive contributions to the discourse on politics. These scholars have paved the way for a deeper understanding of the complex relationship between knowledge and governance. As we examine their philosophies and legacies, we gain insights that are historically significant and highly relevant to the contemporary TOK curriculum.

key tok thinkers on language

Key TOK Thinkers on Language

The symbiotic relationship between language and knowledge emerges with striking clarity. Language is not merely a vessel for communication; it is a crucible in which knowledge is both formed and expressed. In this article, we honor the visionaries who have illuminated the intricate tandem between words and the world they describe.

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