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IB Extended Essay Topics: Economics

Hello, IB students! Today, let’s take a closer look at the Economics extended essays. As someone who has walked the intricate pathways of the IB DP Economics course and survived to tell the tale, I’m here to share some insights and tips. From my experience, choosing the right topic can really set you on a path to success. So, I will give you some ideas on Economics extended essay topics and research questions.

What Is the IB Economics Extended Essay?

The IB Economics extended essay is a distinctive component of the IB Diploma Programme that challenges students to research and analyze economic issues of their choice in depth. This task demands deep step-by-step research and analytical skills and encourages students to apply economic theory to global and local contexts. As per the general IB criteria, this extended essay is your golden ticket to dig into an issue that fascinates you and allows you to contribute original insights into the subject.

In my view, writing the Economics extended essay is like taking on the role of an economist, investigating real-world problems. It offers a unique platform to scrutinize economic models, evaluate market behaviors, or examine the implications of policy decisions, all within a structured academic framework. This process is invaluable, as it allows you to link theoretical economic principles with tangible outcomes and scenarios, improving your ability to think critically and argue convincingly.

Furthermore, tackling the Economics extended essay fosters a sense of intellectual curiosity and a deep appreciation for the complexity of economic systems and their impact on various aspects of society. For me, it was an enlightening experience that expanded my understanding of economics beyond textbooks and classrooms, allowing me to see the practical implications of economic theories in daily life.

How to Choose Economics Extended Essay Topics?

Passion is the cornerstone of a compelling extended essay. Select a topic that sparks your interest and inspires you to ask questions and seek answers. Remember, you’ll dedicate much time to this essay, so the subject matter must resonate with you.

Secondly, a topic with readily accessible resources will significantly streamline your research process, allowing you to focus more on analysis and less on the hunt for information. This doesn’t mean you should shy away from challenging topics, but ensure sufficient data is available to support a robust investigation.

Additionally, it’s essential to find a balance between breadth and depth. Your topic should be narrow enough to allow for an in-depth study within an extended essay’s word count and scope but broad enough. This balance is crucial for maintaining focus and depth in your research. Here is a list of considerations to help refine your topic selection:

  • Choose a topic with clear relevance to current economic theories and practices.
  • Look for an angle or perspective that hasn’t been extensively covered in existing literature.
  • Consider the feasibility of conducting research within the given timeframe and resources.
  • Ensure the topic can be effectively researched within the essay’s word limit.
  • Interest in the topic will drive your motivation and commitment to the research.
  • Verify that you can access the data or sources required for your study.
  • Ensure the topic meets the IB’s comprehensive criteria for extended essays.

By considering these considerations, you’re more likely to choose a topic that is engaging, feasible, and aligned with the requirements of the IB Economics extended essay.

Economics Extended Essay Topics and Research Questions

IB DP Economics

Insightful topics for your IB DP Economics extended essay can set the stage for a compelling research project. Here are some ideas to inspire and guide you:

  1. The Impact of COVID-19 on Small Businesses in New York City. How did COVID-19 restrictions affect small businesses’ revenue and employment levels in New York City?
  2. The Effectiveness of Minimum Wage Policies in India. Do minimum wage policies reduce poverty in India, and how do they affect employment levels?
  3. Sustainability and Profitability in the Fast Fashion Industry. How do sustainability practices impact the profitability of fast fashion brands globally?
  4. Cryptocurrency: A New Era for Financial Markets. How has introducing cryptocurrencies influenced the United States’s traditional financial markets and banking systems?
  5. The Economics of Climate Change: A Case Study of Renewable Energy in Germany. What are the economic impacts of transitioning to renewable energy sources in Germany?
  6. Gig Economy and Labor Markets: A Transformation in the United Kingdom. How has the gig economy transformed traditional labor markets and employment patterns in the United Kingdom?
  7. The Role of Government Subsidies in the Agricultural Sector of Brazil. How do government subsidies affect Brazil’s agricultural sector’s productivity and sustainability?
  8. Inflation and Consumer Spending Behavior in Japan. What is the relationship between inflation rates and consumer spending behavior in Japan?
  9. Economic Impacts of Tourism in Thailand. How does tourism contribute to economic growth and development in Thailand?
  10. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Economic Growth in Nigeria. What role does FDI play in Nigeria’s economic growth and development?
  11. Trade Wars: The US-China Economic Conflict. What have been the economic consequences of the trade war between the US and China?
  12. The Effect of Oil Prices on the Russian Economy. How do fluctuations in global oil prices impact the Russian economy?
  13. Gender Wage Gap: An Economic Analysis in Australia. What factors contribute to the gender wage gap in Australia, and what are its economic implications?
  14. The Economic Effects of Immigration in Canada. How does immigration impact the labor market and economic growth in Canada?
  15. The Dynamics of Housing Markets and Economic Stability in Sweden. How do housing market trends affect economic stability in Sweden?
  16. Tech Startups and Economic Growth in Silicon Valley. How do tech startups contribute to economic growth in Silicon Valley?
  17. Brexit’s Impact on the UK’s Financial Services Sector. What has been the impact of Brexit on the financial services sector in the UK?
  18. Microfinance’s Role in Empowering Women in Bangladesh. How has microfinance contributed to the economic empowerment of women in Bangladesh?
  19. The Economic Consequences of Climate Change Policies in the European Union. What are the economic consequences of the European Union’s climate change policies?
  20. The Influence of Social Media on Consumer Behavior in South Korea. How does social media influence consumer behavior in South Korea?
  21. Economic Implications of the Aging Population in Japan. What are the economic implications of the aging population in Japan?
  22. The Impact of E-commerce on Traditional Retail in the United States. How has the rise of e-commerce impacted traditional retail businesses in the United States?
  23. The Role of Innovation in Economic Development in Israel. How does innovation contribute to economic development in Israel?
  24. The Effects of Urbanization on Economic Growth in China. What are the effects of rapid urbanization on economic growth in China?
  25. Sustainable Agriculture and Its Economic Viability in Kenya. Is sustainable agriculture economically viable in Kenya?
  26. The Impact of International Sanctions on the Iranian Economy. How have international sanctions affected the Iranian economy?
  27. The Economic Benefits of Renewable Energy Adoption in India. What are the economic benefits of adopting renewable energy in India?
  28. The Role of Education in Economic Development in Finland. How does education contribute to economic development in Finland?
  29. The Economic Impact of Cultural Tourism in Italy. What is the economic impact of cultural tourism in Italy?
  30. The Influence of Exchange Rates on Export Competitiveness in South Africa. How do exchange rate fluctuations influence South Africa’s export competitiveness?
  31. Digital Currencies and Central Banks: A Global Perspective. How are central banks worldwide responding to the rise of digital currencies, and what implications does this have for the future of monetary policy?
  32. The Economics of Water Scarcity in Egypt. What economic strategies are being employed to address water scarcity in Egypt, and how effective are they in ensuring sustainable water use?
  33. Impact of Renewable Energy Projects on Rural Development in India. How do renewable energy projects impact economic and social development in rural India?
  34. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Shaping the Future of Work in the United States. What impact is artificial intelligence expected to have on job markets and employment patterns in the United States?
  35. The Economic Effects of Deforestation in the Amazon Basin. What are deforestation’s short-term and long-term economic effects in the Amazon Basin?
  36. Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms and Their Impact on Traditional Banking in the UK. How are peer-to-peer lending platforms affecting the traditional banking sector in the United Kingdom?
  37. The Influence of Cultural Industries on the Economic Development of South Korea. How have cultural industries contributed to the economic development of South Korea?
  38. The Economic Impact of Sports Mega-Events: A Case Study of the Tokyo Olympics. What were the economic impacts of hosting the Tokyo Olympics for Japan?
  39. Youth Unemployment and Economic Strategies in Spain. What strategies are being implemented to combat youth unemployment in Spain, and how effective are they?
  40. The Effect of Social Media Marketing on Small Business Growth in Canada. How does social media marketing affect the growth and sustainability of small businesses in Canada?
  41. Economic Implications of Organic Farming in California. How has the shift toward organic farming affected the economic sustainability of agricultural practices in California?
  42. The Impact of Remittances on Economic Stability in Mexico. What role do remittances play in the economic stability and development of rural communities in Mexico?
  43. Assessing the Impact of Technological Innovations on the Banking Sector in Switzerland. How have recent technological innovations influenced the profitability and risk management strategies of banks in Switzerland?
  44. The Economic Effects of Health Pandemics on the Tourism Industry in Italy. How have health pandemics, particularly COVID-19, impacted the tourism industry and economic growth in Italy?
  45. Effect of Public Transport Development on Urban Economic Growth in India. What is the impact of public transport infrastructure development on urban economic growth in major Indian cities?
  46. Socio-Economic Consequences of Refugee Influx in Germany. What are the socio-economic impacts of the recent refugee influx on local economies in Germany?
  47. The Role of Women Entrepreneurs in Economic Development in Rwanda. How do women entrepreneurs contribute to economic development and innovation in Rwanda?
  48. The Economic Impact of Plastic Ban Policies in Kenya. What are the economic outcomes of the plastic ban on local businesses and the environment in Kenya?
  49. Analysis of Green Energy Policies and Economic Growth in Denmark. How have green energy policies contributed to economic growth and sustainability in Denmark?
  50. The Impact of Foreign Aid on Economic Development in Haiti. What role does foreign aid play in the economic development and reconstruction of Haiti post-earthquake?
  51. The Effects of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Small Exporters in Brazil. How do exchange rate fluctuations impact the profitability and survival of small exporters in Brazil?
  52. Gentrification and its Economic Impact on Urban Neighborhoods in New York City. What are the economic consequences of gentrification for long-standing residents and businesses in selected neighborhoods of New York City?
  53. Economic Benefits of Bilingual Education in Canadian Schools. What are the economic benefits of implementing bilingual education systems in Canada?
  54. The Economic Impacts of Cultural Festivals in New Orleans. How do major cultural festivals like Mardi Gras impact the local economy of New Orleans?
  55. Impact of Microloans on Small Business Growth in the Philippines. How effective are microloans in promoting small business growth and sustainability in the Philippines?

These topics and IB research questions can spark interest and encourage deep analysis, allowing for deep investigation of economic principles and their applications in real-world contexts.

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In summary, choosing the right Economics extended essay topic is a critical step that requires thoughtful consideration. Remember, this is your chance to research an area of Economics that genuinely interests you. So, take the plunge, select a topic that resonates with you, and begin the research process. And if you need some help with extended essay writing, just contact our experts.

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